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Pink Corsets Vintage Top

Pink Corsets Vintage Top

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Pink Corsets Vintage Top

- Stylish and cozy knitted sweater featuring unique shoulder folds for a trendy look 🧥👀
- Comes in a range of sizes to fit different body types and shapes 📏👍
- Made from high-quality and breathable materials for all-day comfort 💪❄️
- Perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish and put-together!
Hope this helps!
S---Corset:Waist:60-65CM, Bust:76-81CM,clothes length:40-43CM

M---Corset:Waist: 65-70CM,Bust:81-86CM, clothes length:40-43CM

L---Corset:Waist: 70-75CM,Bust:81-91CM, clothes length:40-43CM

XL-- Corset:Waist: 75-80CM,Bust:91-96CM, clothes length:43-46CM

XXL--Corset:Waist: 80-85CM ,Bust:96-101CM, clothes length: 43-46CM

3XL--Corset:Waist: 85-90CM , Bust:101-106CM, clothes length: 43-46CM

4XL-- Corset:Waist: 90-95CM ,Bust:106-111CM, clothes length:46-49CM

5XL--Corset:Waist: 95-100CM , Bust:111-116CM, clothes length:46-49CM

6XL--Corset:Waist:100-105CM ,Bust:116-121CM, clothes length: 46-49CM

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